GIGABYTE Announces Record Memory Performance on the GA-7TESM Server Motherboard
GIGABYTE, Cirrascale and Netlist Team Up to Boost Datacenter Performance

GIGABYTE is proud to announce that its GA-7TESM server motherboard combine with Cirrascale's system integration and Hypercloud memory modules from Netlist has reached unprecedented memory performance that opens new perspective for the cloud computing, virtualization, and high performance computing industries.

This unique combination of high quality components has proved to be the only one to date to reach a maximum memory frequency at a full 3DPC population successfully. GIGABYTE has now enabled a maximum capacity of 288GB DRAM running at a 1333MT/s speed on a dual processor motherboard:

This new validated solution answers a significant need to run more bandwidth intensive, high performance computing applications among organizations for which improving server utilization is a critical objective. Thanks to the association of GIGABYTE, Netlist, and Cirrascale's cutting-edge technologies in server products field, a superior computing solution is now available for advanced memory intensive applications relying on high density server systems.

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